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The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL

SKOL is the industry and employers´ organization for independent consulting firms. It is a member of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.  The Association has a membership of 200 design, consulting engineering and architect firms, employing about 15500 people in Finland. About one third of employees in Finland work in international companies headquartered outside Finland.  Foreign subsidiaries of Finnish-owned companies employ some 7000 people abroad.

SKOL promotes professional, independent, sustainable and ethical design and consulting engineering, which provides best value to the Client organisations. SKOL looks after the interests of member firms in Finland and within EU, improves the operating environment of consulting work in Finland and internationally, as well as builds up the brand and communicates the value of professional, high quality consulting services. The Association emphasizes quality as the main criterion in the selection of consultants.

The strategic goals of SKOL for strategy period 2015-2018 are:

  • Customers invest in high quality design and consulting and SKOL members produce value for customers as their trusted partners.
  • Operating environment in Finland supports the continuous development of consulting industry and the proactive operations of SKOL enable effective influencing.
  • Consulting industry draws most skilled individuals among students.
  • SKOL fosters the international business of its member companies.
  • SKOL is well-known and recognized organisation.

The Federation of Technology Industries together with SKOL negotiates two generally binding collective labour agreements for design and consulting business:

  • Collective agreement for senior salaried employees in the consulting engineering and related sectors, agreed between Technology Industries, SKOL and Delegation of professional and managerial employees (YTN)
  • Collective agreement for salaried (clerical and technical) employees in the consulting engineering sector, agreed between Technology Industries, SKOL and Trade Union Pro.

SKOL members as well as other consulting engineering companies are obliged to comply with these agreements.

SKOL is a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC. The association adheres to the principles of FIDIC and the members of SKOL are required to meet the standards of codes and practices as well as the membership qualifications of FIDIC. SKOL is also a member of European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations EFCA.

SKOL capacity represents two thirds of the total consulting engineering capacity in Finland. About 70 per cent of the personnel in the member companies have a university or college degree. The 30 large companies with over 100 employees have a total staff of 12 800 people, medium size companies with 30-100 employees employ 1 100 people and 150 small companies with less than 30 people employ 1 600 people.

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